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I'm into punk & pop punk, books, cider, my pet rats, Bukowski & Palahniuk, gigs and veggie burritos.

Starting reading Criminal Justice by Rene Weis today, it states the case that Edith Thompson, one of the last women to be hung for murder in the UK was innocent and subject to a media witch hunt for being an adulteress. Moral crimes aside, she was not a murderess, simply a woman ahead of her time, a dreamer trapped by circumstance.

Tony Nicklinson’s court ruling is on my mind as well today. It makes me wonder how a nation could turn it’s back on a hangover of Victorian brutality like the death penalty yet we can’t rule in his favour even if the alternative is that he slowly starves himself to death.

The photos of his devastation when he heard the ruling are completely heartbreaking, I just looked at them again and it brought me to tears. Surely nobody has the right to govern what you do with your life and your body?